Hi Everybody!

I'm Katerina Bendova, a certified Telempathic Animal Communicator, Reiki Master, Emotional Healing Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Body Therapist.I also studied and trained in other alternative therapies focused on mind, body, and emotions. My journey started...

Telepathic Animal Communication

Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking or feeling? Is there any behavior which you don't understand or you would like to change? Is your pet sick or old, and you want to know what it wants? Has your pet passed on, and would you like to receive a message about your time together? What is your pet thinking about you? Is there any changes your pet needs?There is an answer to all these questions! Animals feel, think, and talk, if we know how to listen.


Reiki is a therapy that opens you to receive more of your own universal life force energy. This can move blocks causing emotional pain and physical problems. It can lead to deep relaxation, harmony, and healing. It can open senses and psychic abilities. It can help you feel your deep true self and the peace of the universe.I offer individual sessions and also teach Reiki to those who will use it to help themselves and others.

Emotional Healing

Behind our stressful, anxious, and depressing thoughts is an emotional wound. Behind our physical pain and disease is stuck, disturbed emotional energies and traumas. When you learn to heal your emotional body you allow your mind and physical body to heal as well.Joy, love, peace - these are all emotional experiences. The fastest way to feel this in your life is to work with your emotions.


Rituals are the lost art of marking and creating transitions and change points in our lives. Rituals can help you:
- Embody and live as a more powerful and abundant version of you
- Shift the energy in your business to open to clients
- Let go of past relationships so you can attract a new one
- Let go of old patterns and fully step into a new phase in your life
I will tune into your energy and create a custom ritual for you that will make these shifts easier and faster for you.

Craniosacral Therapy and Other Modalities

Craniosacral sessions, Energy scans, Chakra balancing, Inner Child healing, Shadow work, Kinesiology, and Bach Essences.

My Story

My journey started 7 years ago when I moved to Spain to a beautiful and sunny Malaga. I soon found myself in a dark time, suffering depression and not being able to find a long-term job in highly unemployed Andalucia. To heal myself, I discovered and learned Reiki and physically therapies. I learned how emotions work and how to integrate traumas. It totally changed my life. I started to heal and discovered who I really am and how our emotions, body, and mind work. This path of self-healing continues and I would like to share my knowledge and my experiences with others.My goal is to help you find the hidden messages of health issues, traumas that the body is trying to communicate and then gently and lovingly bring it to the surface in order to be heard and loved. To integrate everything which was rejected to become again whole and to become again Love. More specifically it means to align the mind, emotions, body, and spirit. That's how we are healed. Everybody has their own wisdom within. I am a simple tool to remind you of what you have already known. This is a journey of self-discovery.Are you ready to start your journey and take me with you?Looking forward to seeing you:)With Love, Katka Xo

Emotional Healing to Create the Changes You Want in Your Life

"Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know."P.Chodron

I created multi-session packages because, in my experience with many clients over 10 years, it's very hard to change quickly something which has been building up in our lives for weeks, months, or years. In order to fully clear these challenges we have to keep doing the emotional work over time. And then to keep the positive changes in our lives, we need to fully integrate our new experience.I am here to help you with all of this :)

Emotional Healing Package - 5 Sessions8 950 Kč (9775 Kč if sessions bought separately)

The package includes:5 sessions of 90 mins each(Consultation, muscle testing to choose appropriate therapy, kinesiology trauma release, tapping, inner child work, shadow work, limiting beliefs work, Reiki, work with mind and emotions, personal development exercise, recommendations.)Benefits:- finding the stress and anxiety in your life and reduce it
- save years of therapies and money
- saves years of being in bad relationships, being in inappropriate job
- gain self-confidence, self-trust
- selflove, self-acceptance
- knowing your value
- knowing how to work with your emotions and thoughts
- relaxed body, mind, and emotions
- promote wellbeing, peace, harmony
- improve sleep quality
- deepen your personal development and make it last


"Before we started, I was in absolute hell, in the middle of a breakup with someone I really really believed I would be with for the rest of my life. The pain was never-ending, daily, and just not changing. I couldn't see a light at the end of the tunnel. My self-confidence was at a historical low, I even thought that no woman would ever want me again. I was incredibly sad, I felt fully rejected, I had no confidence, I was in pain, I wasn't eating, I lost 14 Kg in a few weeks...things were not looking great, shall we say.After 2 or 3 sessions, I went for a haircut and, as I sat down & saw myself in the mirror, I had a wild moment that I still can't believe, where I looked at myself and found myself incredibly handsome. It lasted about 30 seconds or a minute, I just couldn't believe how good I looked. Obviously, I didn't look any different than before, but my perspective on myself changed radically within that 2 hour session. That was my first clear sign that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and that I was progressing towards it, with Katerina's help.On my 4th session, I still remember the date, September 14th 2020, the work we did relieved me of a huge weight in my stomach, mostly guilt I think, and I came out of that session able to interact normally with my ex, as opposed to avoiding her & ignoring her. I was much more at ease, felt much more acceptance, and was able to even help her pack & be around her normally. That was the second big revolution for me.Other benefits have been to understand so many things about why my "life partner" and I had to breakup, what caused it, and also to get to feel what close relatives feel when interacting with me, thanks to the use of constellation work. One of the biggest benefit is that I can see why I am doing or saying things. Each session has left me feeling more positive, with better comprehension of how my mind & programs work, and feeling more energised, with more trust in the future."- Yann S. (Deep Shadow Work Package)

"My 5 sessions with Katka were totally worth it. I feel a shift and a relaxation of tensions in my mandibulas and neck. Katka knows how to feel into a person deeply and magically and in addition she provides deep insight that resonate with something deep inside me. I feel it's true somewhere inside of me. She can strum the strings in me which are tight. It was often pretty uncomfortable for me - to go back to my childhood, to get angry, scream,write letters, talk to my inner child but I feel it was needed and this is the way out to get through."- Tomáš R. (Emotional Package)

"Before the series of therapy sessions, I was struggling with sporadic emotional outbursts, and not being able to process my emotions. Also feeling depressed and helpless because of this.Things are definitely better now, and life is of a higher quality. I feel better about myself. I still have the episodes from time to time, but I feel they happen less often, with less intensity, and a quicker recovery time. Also, it is much easier now to talk to my partner about what is going on with me, and this helps to diffuse what used to be tense situations.I was truly able to connect with my inner child, and love those parts of me that were damaged long ago - I am able to use this contact with my "little me" whenever I need to. I learned how to express my emotions with myself, and then accept them and integrate what used to be painful, and feel the love from that. I learned not to be afraid to ask myself what I need, and then get it.My favorite part was the kind and gentle way that you guided my through the process. Your caring manner created a safe place that helped me to love and accept myself more, and this made me feel much lighter, liberated, and more joyful! You are so kind and caring and gentle, and you really know what you are doing! I have experienced other therapists that I did not connect with, and it is like night and day. I feel that you really helped make a big difference in my life, and I would whole-hardheartedly recommend that to my friends, or anyone needing help like I did."- John R. (Emotional Package)

"I had some anxieties and uncertainties. Stress, despair even and, to a certain extent I gave up. You definitely helped figure some things out. You supported, explained and uncovered some old traumas, which were affecting my life and I was not even aware. It helped me going back in time to understand what exactly affected and traumatized me. I think it works and I know some people who might benefit from it."- Vlad P. (Emotional Package)

"I am really glad that I went through this therapy. Katerina is a very skilled therapist. It was really deep and I didn´t expect it. It helped me a lot. Thank you."- Saša S. (Emotional Package)

"You helped me lot. Thank you. I am not scared of horses anymore. I was ridding a horse without saddle. which I wouldn't normally do. Even my sister-in-law told me that I am relaxed around horses and I am totally different. Thank you!"- Katerina M. (Regression Therapy)

"Amazing therapy. It's been over year when I was depressed before this therapy. I don't know what the depression means anymore."- Sandra M. (Regression Therapy)

Individual Therapy Sessions

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu

Individual Therapy Sessions

My packages provide you with a better price per session, but if you feel just one session is what you need here are the options:Online Services and In-PersonEnergy Scan = Reiki + Chakra Balancing + Consultation + Spirit guide message
60 min - 1500 Kč
Craniosacral Therapy
75 min ONLINE - 1700 Kč
Kinesiology /Emotional work / Inner Child / Shadow work
60 min / 90 min/ 120 min
1500 Kč /1 955 Kč / 2 600 Kč
Bach´s flower essence - testing + preparation
600 Kč


"Last 3 days after our session I went through a big shift, practising softening to the anger. I feel in open empty space, groundless. I rest in the unknown. It's amazing how you knew so much from feeling my energy field. So much of what you said, nearly everything validated my previous learning. Not owning maculine power, 2nd chakra issues, lack of being seen on all levels, lasrge intestine block!! It was fascinating and it opened my mind to Reiki. Now I am experiencing being at peace and feeling of loneliness but to be curious and soft with it like Pema Chodron says. Thanks."- Nick (Energy Scan + Spirit Guide Message)

" I was very pleased with the session. It made me evaluate perspectives that I haven’t thought about up until now. It gave me a lot of support and encouragement. The reading was accurate and compassionate. It was a warm atmosphere. I highly recommend it."- Lucie K. (Healing Tarot Reading)

"I was feeling a little depressed, often felt angry and upset with my mother. I had a feeling of pressure on my chest, constantly. Initially, it was a wonderful feeling for my chest to open up and I could take deep breaths, which I couldn't take for a long time! By this time, a lot has changed because I put in a lot of work with trying to forgive my mother, and after years and years of trying, this week I finally was able to truly forgive her. This has made me feel better overall."- Lily E. (Energy Scan + Spirit Guide Message)

"At first I was kinda tired but I’ve checked my Chakras today I feel the Energy is flowing much better. And I feel super energized. Yesterday I went and sat for a very long time in the grass and wrote affirmations to define my self-worth better. Thank you very much I really appreciate you giving me the Reiki Session. I have been to different Reiki Healers in person before and your Reiki Session is the most powerful one I have ever received. I’m very sensitive to energy and I could instantly feel your Reiki is extremely strong. I’m very grateful."- Rawan E. (Energy Scan + Spirit Guide Message)

"Katerina can help anyone with anything they have or might be dealing with, even if they don't have a diagnosis or know what it is. She is very intuitive and connected, and does amazing healing. Her healing is the best healing I've ever experienced."- Ion S. (Energy Scan + Spirit Guide Message)

"That day after the healing I felt very emotional. But from the next day I was free and light I feel that I was confident. And you were correct pain in back above hips is due to my accident on my bike. You really helped me know my main blocks with regards to sacral and heart chakra so have started working on it. I am really thankful to you for healing and making me aware about hidden blocks. Thank you, God bless you."- Chaitali S. (Energy Scan + Spirit Guide Message)

The reiki was a very emotional experience for me. It made me do a lot of self reflection in a short amount of time. I had a complete breakdown when I left and I couldn’t stop for an hour. Since then I have felt a lot different. I am no longer having the negative, obsessive thoughts that usually plague my mind. It was an eye opening experience and I want to thank you so much for giving me the opportunity."- Callie G. (Energy Scan + Spirit Guide Message)

"I had quite a bit of pain and stiffness in my back. Especially in my lower back, but sometimes in mid-back also. Also my neck. My whole posterior chain was problematic. Every morning when I woke up I felt pain. After the sessions, my back is much more flexible and I have much less pain. When I wake up in the morning my back doesn't hurt anymore. I don't get the random pain in the middle of my back anymore. I feel so much better. It's is an extremely relaxing therapy. It is very gentle, but I can feel it moving my body a lot. It made my back and spine so much more healthy. Katerina was an excellent therapist, always tuning into my body and giving exactly what I needed. I trusted her more than I've trusted any other therapist and I've also gotten more results than any other therapist. I would recommend everyone with back issues try out Cranio-sacral therapy. It uses your body's own healing power and it has improved the quality of my life."- David P. (Craniosacral Therapy Package)

"It was amazing therapy. I always relax and enjoy it very much! My whole body was totally refreshed."- Satoko K. (Energy Scan + Spirit Guide Message)

Payment Details

Payment ConditionsAll new guests are kindly asked to prepay upon booking.There are 2 possible types of payment methods: in cash or by bank transfer. The bank detail is 1027788808/5500. IBAN is CZ7755000000001027788808. Please add your name and surname and the service or the name of the package.Cancelation policyWe encourage all our guests to arrive at least 10-minutes before their appointment to ensure a full treatment session.The cancellation policy for all clients to provide at least a 48-hours notice when rescheduling or canceling an appointment. Clients canceling or rescheduling outside the 48-hours will be charged a cancelation or rescheduling fee which is 50% of the price of the treatment.Noise levelWe recommend setting phones off or set to silent mode during the session.